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AltF4 has the knowledge and expertise to sort out all your network issues. We can take care of your managed or un-managed network.

Virus and Malware Removal

Browsing and using the web is something that everyone does - exposing their desktop or laptop to potential threats. Virus and malicious files, which find passage through your gadgets can spread across other programs or devices. This can lead to abnormal behavior and risk of data corruption and privacy issues. If you are experiencing abnormal behaviors or system performance reduction, then there is a possibility that your system is infected. Call us for a checkup to be safe

Data Recovery & Backup

Our labs contain sophisticated equipment for data recovery. Understanding a little about your computer now could potentially save you considerable stress and anguish in the future. The sooner you are aware of a problem, the more likely we are able to achieve a positive data recovery. The platters in your hard disk drive spin at thousands of RPM. Small components like dust particles and harsh movements can create irretrievable damage by damaging these precision manufactured platters. Try avoiding dropping or bumping your computer unnecessarily. If your laptop hard drive starts to fail, then shut the machine down. Call us and wecan offer options to recover your data.

Software Installation

AltF4 can help you with all types of software - both Mac and PC, we take the hassle out of installing programs and have the experience and expertise you need for the more complicated installs. Our Expert Techs can take the mystery out of software installation and can perform relevent updates ensuring minimal interuption to your business.

Internet Setup

Our technicians are network trained. We can help you select, provision and install all types of internet services including: NBN ADSL Cable Fibre Mobile Broadband

Custom Build PCs

Customise or build your computer for the best experience We build custom PC’s for a variety of purposes. Primarily custom Graphic Design workstations and Gaming PC’s Everyone wants great performance from their computers. Customising computer packages is a great way to get the best performance for your budget. We offer a great range of computers that can be customised to your specifications. Upgrade the video card or processor or add on gaming accessories for the ultimate experience.
Office: 02 8212 4114 Mobile: 0468 464 275 Email: support@altf4.com.au