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Online Presence Guide - Introduction

Mitchell Hooper

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Establishing a Web Presence for your small business start-up in Australia

Most people online today use one or more types of social media. Businesses and individuals are now realising the power of social marketing. Not everyone has the budget to employ an IT Professional, Web Designer and Social Media Marketing expert. If you do great! Find yourself the best people – pay them well and enjoy the exposure you get! I have created this guide to help the micro/small business start-ups establish a website and break into the world of social media to help them grow their business!

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Register a Business Name with ASIC

So you’ve got the name for your business and decided you need a website to promote on your business cards/stationary and most importantly so people can find you online.

In this example we have used the name

In Australia if you want to purchase a domain you are required to register a business name with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.  The business name must be similar to the requested domain name. A link to ASIC is in the description below:

This process can take a few days as it needs to be approved.

Now you have your business name – for example sole trader John Smith trading as SwitchandShare. I can now purchase a domain name from one of the many domain providers. Crazy domains offers very cheap hosting for the business start-up – we will use them for this example (remember you can move your domain to another provider later if you wish).